Instructional Quilting Videos

How To Square Up a Quilt --Demonstration, using See-thru gridded rulers and marking tools, of how to create accurate cutting lines for the removal of excess batting and backing upon completion of your quilting.

How to do the Hand Quilting Stitch --Discussion of supplies needed for hand quilting and close-up demonstration of the quilting stitch, quilters knot, how to hide the knot and more...

How to Hand Applique - Part One --Explanation of hand applique using the needle turn method and the necessary tools and supplies. Learn how to transfer a design, prepare your applique, needle turn stitch, select applique thread, needles and fabric. Close-ups demonstrating points, curves and innys for the beginner and intermediate quilters.

How to Hand Applique - Part Two --Instruction for appliqueing points, curves and innys.

Many more are available on my YouTube Channel, NancyEllenQuilts. Thanks for watching!!!